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Turn your potential customers to loyal ones

Give first-hand experience of your product to our 211.835 customers and turn them into your loyal ones.

About Product Sampling Program

Typical ads help you reach thousands of people, but how many of them end up buying your product? There’s a more powerful driver that leads people to buy: experience.


According to our survey respondents, almost 95% decided to buy a product only after they experienced it. With our product sampling program, you can have more than 200.000 people experience your product and become a loyal customer.

When should you do a campaign with us

New product launch

Products re-branding

Generate more sales lead

Choose the best type of campaign based on your business goals.

Product sampling

Get your customer to have a first-hand experience of using your product.


Why should you do this

Most customers say that they’re more likely to buy a product after they experience it directly.

Meals co-branding

It’s almost like you’re having a lunch with your customer when your brand’s name is printed in the mealbox.


Why should you do this

You’ll have 30 minutes of your customer's lunchtime, exclusively for your brand.

Customer survey & analytics

Gain insight from your customers using our timely and accurate survey.


Why should you do this

Listen to what your customers say about your product candidly to improve your product.

Brand endorsement

Get user-generated content from hundreds or even thousands of real people on social media.


Why should you do this

People who mattered the most to you will endorse you and you can reach more people organically.

Benefits of partnering with us

Increase your brand awareness

Gain market insight from segmented customers

Get customers to experience the product

Increase engagement with user generated content

Brands that already worked with us​


Ready to partner with us?

If you’re interested in becoming a brand partner, we’d love to be in touch. Please complete a brief form, and we will contact you shortly.

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